Minister's letter

A message for Easter


from Revd David Jones






Mr Johnson has shown us the roadmap out of lockdown!


We can see that we have a path marked out to ‘normal life’ and I suppose the question we are all asking is what is normal? Is normal a return to how life was before 2020? I don’t think this will be the case for most of us and we will all have different reasons for this.  Perhaps some have lost a family member, employment has been affected, financial situations are different, relationships have changed, but perhaps there are things that have happened in this Covid era that have changed for the better. Maybe some of us have embraced the opportunity to go to work without having to get dressed first and will continue to work from home more. Maybe the extra time with our families has highlighted this as important. Maybe we all have a little more respect for the occupations that have carried on and helped us all during this pandemic.  Crucially have we learnt not to take our life, our liberty and our environment for granted?







We have an opportunity to build a new life. I appreciate that it is not entirely within our personal control, since most employers expect you to get dressed before going to the office! However, we can bring back those things which we have realised are so important to us; those things that make us who we are. We can also redesign our lives around keeping those good parts, those parts we have enjoyed during Covid.


Why not try to make a list of the most important things to do when you are able, the old and the new? This will help you to have been positively transformed by the experience, to not take things for granted and to fully appreciate all the good things in life.


Easter is the time when we celebrate new life, eggs and chicks being just some of the symbols of this new life. It is when leaves appear on the trees and many flowers burst into season. Easter is a time when we remember the biggest transformation to have happened in the world, ever! Jesus died on a cross for us, before rising to new life and we know this was an event that continues to have an effect two thousand years later. The events of that Easter have changed the lives all of humanity and continue to change lives and transform people. It is through this transformation that Jesus, and through us, we can be part of the change which makes the world a better place, not just for ourselves but for all.  Join us in church, study groups or online


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Whether it is as a result of Covid, or as a result of being transformed by the events of the first Easter, now is the time to embrace that change. Now is the time to assess what we want to be and how we will go about achieving that. Now is the time to choose how we live our lives in light of the major events that have taken place and how we might be better equipped for other events that may come along, perhaps changing what we perceive to be normal.



Covid has enforced changes, hopefully a one-time only event, where an end is in sight. The celebration of Easter is an annual celebration. Living our lives according to the example of Christ is a daily event. Each and every day, during a pandemic, or during apparently normal times, we are given the opportunity to embrace a new beginning, a fresh start. A new day is an opportunity to live your life closer to God, living in the hope that comes from a new life in Christ, helping to shine the light of his love in our lives, our homes and our communities.