Benefice Eucharist and latest podcast

A recording of this Sunday’s Eucharist will appear here from 3pm today.

Click here to view and print a Service Sheet for this latest service.

Each Sunday we will have a Benefice Eucharist service available to join here from 3pm. The service is recorded live with a congregation on Sunday morning. In August 2020 our services will come from St Michael the Archangel in Winterbourne. We use technology to bring those in the church and those at home together as Christ's body and to make our communion with him. If you are joining us from home, please click on the link above for an order of service and when we come to receive communion please use the prayer for spiritual communion on page 14. It is good to have you with us!



Fr Bob Latham reflects on spending time with Matthew's Gospel - and shares a helpful way to approach reading the Gospels to bring us strength and stability.