From the Rector - 31st May

Dear Friends


Hope you enjoyed the Pentecost service this morning if you have not seen it please catch up with it here.


You can my sermon here. Please do share it with anyone you know who is not digitally connected. 


Please hold Matt in your prayers this week as he has his virtual selection conference for the ordained ministry of the Church on Thursday. Matt is a brilliant CEMES worker who has grown so much in his time with us, I believe he will make a superb Priest as I am sure many of you will agree, let us hope and pray the selectors see the same qualities and call that we do. 


You can find here a letter asking for your support from 'The Community of the SIsters of the Church' who are seeking help to provide food parcels for those in need. Please do take time to read the letter and help if you can, also hold them in your prayers as they strive to support those who have not got the financial resources to feed themselves especially at this time of crisis. 


Sadly today was Kandis Douglas (our contextual student)  last Sunday with us and she led our intercessions beautifully. As I said this morning she has made an outstanding contribution to both St Michael's and the Benefice and we all know she is going to be an Amazing Priest. She will hopefully be ordained at Michaelmas and whilst the pandemic has robbed us of the chance to really say goodbye properly, do not fear when we are all back together we will hold a service at which Kandis as a new Deacon will preach, and we can have the bun fight and show her how much she is loved by the Fromeside. Please pray for her and her new parish of St Peter's Henleaze.


Do all have a good week, enjoy meeting with your six friends in the Garden and I hope & pray, as I said last week, that it will not be too long before we are able to meet in some way together again. 


God Bless and Take Care out there


Fr Malcolm