Bob Conway



I’m married to Sue who is also my very best friend, and our family is pretty widely dispersed across the country between Devon in the South and Newcastle in the North, while we also have reason to go to France now and again (for reasons other than the odd wine run!). The current dominant children in our lives are a recent granddaughter and a chocolate brown field spaniel – who is probably the more demanding of the two!                                   

My background before God really caught up with me was in electronics and marketing with the earlier part of my career spent having a complete whale of a time serving as a radio officer in the merchant navy. (For some people it is railway engines – for me its ships and the sea!) I know full well that God has put up with me and helped me through many, many good times as well as a few that were not so good, and I feel privileged to serve both him and you as I endeavour to fulfil his direction and guiding within my own life.


I officially joined the Fromeside Benefice in April 2017 after having spent some time doing work between both Fromeside and in my old parish of Filton for several months. My move to Fromeside occurred at what I see as a very exciting time for our benefice and the surrounding area, and I am enjoying getting more involved with my primary focus of St Peter’s Frampton Cotterell and all of the other churches. I’m also looking forward to working with everyone from the Yate team as we go forward with our new Mission Area initiative, as well as with our local ecumenical partnership colleagues. The diversity of worship styles across the churches in our area is both challenging and exciting, while the willingness of the churches of all denomination to work together is a wonderful sign of God’s existing work in our area. I believe that it is also a positive indicator of things to come.