Perry Almshouses



About …


The Perry Almshouses are a Grade II listed building which can be found at 55-73 Dragon Road in Winterbourne.  Held in Trust since 1851, the Almshouses provide accommodation for those within the Parish who are in need.  They are managed by a Board of six volunteer Trustees (including one ex-offcio Trustee who is the incumbent of the Fromeside Benefice) and a contracted part-time Administrator. 


Who can live here …


The Trust Deed states that residents must


  • be unable to afford a home of their own;
  • should be 60 years old or over (or if younger, are unable to maintain themselves through ill-health accident or infirmity);
  • if born within the Parish should have been resident there for not less than five years or if born elsewhere should have been resident for not less than 10 years prior to application;
  • with preference being given to those who are actively involved in a Christian denomination



Until 1811 Winterbourne Lodge was owned and occupied by William Perry who was known as Squire Perry.  It was Wm Perry's grand-daughter - Mrs Mary Anne Jones - who conveyed land and ten cottages which were erected in 1851 for poor, aged people of Winterbourne, subject to specified conditions. By her wish these cottages were named "The Perry Almshouses" out of respect to her family.